Graphics Layer, prevent zoom in on double click

09-06-2014 05:31 AM
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Hello, I am using the draw and edit toolbars, when I am in edit mode I disable double click zoom on the map map.disableDoubleClickZoom();

I confirmed that while in edit mode, dbl clicking the map does not zoom (Great)

In order to get out of edit mode, the user must dbl click the graphic, at this time, the map zooms.  The event object is not passed to the dbl click event of the graphics layer, so I can't prevent bubble up.

Am I missing something here, I do not want the map to zoom in when the user double clicks the graphic to end my edit session.


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I used the graphi-click event on the edit toolbar as a workaround to end editing and avoid zooming, but I think the double click on a graphic layer with both map.disableMapNavigation(); and map.disableDoubleClickZoom(); set should not zoom in

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Do you turn double click zoom back on, after you double click ?

Or do you turn on your double click zoom via the following?

draw-amd | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Maybe you can paste some of your code?


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