Datatype definition error for in Angular

06-18-2018 07:37 AM
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I'm not really sure if this is the right spot for this. If not, I'll be happy to move it.

I have created a P.O.C in Angular with the help of the brilliant tutorial code in github.

I have changed the basemap to my own tile service, but since we are using a different SpatialReference, problems started to come up quickly.

I discovered that when addressing the center property of the basemap, by default, it takes either an array of two numbers [x,y], or a PointProperties datatype... either way, SpatialReference is out of the picture and that is wrong.

The way I managed to solve this was by passing a json object as follow - { x:..., y:...., SpatialReference: 2039 }

This code luckily works, but I'm getting an error on the data type, since it's not documented as supported inside the API.

Is there a way to pass this as a change recommendation to ESRI??

SpatialReference is super important for some countries and the difference between supporting it and not in most cases, for us, it's show stopper.

Most of ESRI's new products will never be in use for us because they lack of support with the relevant SpatialReference..



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