Why GraphicsLayer points opacity not working

04-29-2021 03:13 AM
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Hi, i'm trying to add some symbols(picture/simple marker) on the map and wants to make their opacity=1.

For some reason the Basemap elements (roads and buildings) shows behind those symbols.

I've tried some solutions like:

graphicsLayer.opacity = 1;

but still the same problem.

Its happens only when i'm using a PortalItem as my basemap:

let portalItem = new PortalItem({
id: "4f2e99ba65e34bb8af49733d9778fb8e",
let basemap = new Basemap({
portalItem: portalItem,
var map = new Map({
basemap: basemap,

Is anyone can help me with that?

Also If there's any other correct way to use that basemap i'd like to know.


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What does the symbols for your graphics look like? If you are using rgba values for the color, that will add transparency to those graphics on the map. 

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Hi, for now i'm trying to add a  a picture-marker as my symbol, PNG type, with no transparency.

Also when I tried a simple-marker it was only a color value ('red' for example) and not RGB, both acts the same.

I think its all about the Basemap. when I'm using another ID it looks ok. is that making any sense? if so, there is another way to use it? thanks.


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