RouteTask: Preserve Custom Attributes in Stops

04-29-2019 06:05 AM
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I am using the RouteTask to do route optimization and I am trying to add some custom attributes to my stops (both for display and to keep a reference to the corresponding object in my applications database via primary key like AddressId).

I am supplying the stops by creating a new FeatureSet and setting Features to an array of Graphics I create. I add my custom attributes to the graphics. However, when I look at the stops that are returned in the RouteResult (I use returnStops = true) the stops have different attributes than the ones I set (except for Name which it seems to keep) and the ones I set seem to have been wiped out. Is there a way to configure the RouteTask so that it will not overwrite the attributes I provide in my input stops?


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Were you ever able to figure this out?  I am having the same issue.

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