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03-21-2019 01:37 PM
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One of the takeaways from the recent 2019 Dev Summit for me was to check out React. I don't have any background in web development outside of web GIS and therefore haven't really delved too deeply into any of the plethora of frameworks. So I'm looking for any support or instructions for using React with the ArcGIS API for Javascript. Here are some resources that a simple Google search revealed. And that's all I found.

If you know of any other helpful resources, please share. I won't post a summary of all the general React tutorials or intros I've come across but if you know a particular good ones, please comment as well.

Two books I've picked up are:

  1. Learning React, A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux, Kirupa Chinnathambi. Kirupa also has a cool blog here:
  2. The Road to Learning React, Robin Wieruch. An earlier version of this ebook I found almost unreadable but the latest version is an improvement. Robin also has a blog.
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