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05-27-2020 03:48 AM
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Hi guys, wonderful community here.

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I'd like to know more about the OIC format.

According to the OIC specs on GitHub

oriented-imagery/OrientedImageryCatalog_Schema.pdf at master · Esri/oriented-imagery · GitHub 

, there is a field named "Accuracy". "It is a comma-delimited string of StdXY, StdZ, StdHeading, StdPitch, StdRoll, StdNear, StdFar and StdElevation. I perfectly understand and possess X,Y,Z,heading,pitch,roll,near,far,elevation information, but what are the exact meanings of the StdSomething? For instance, is StdXY the average of *the standard deviation of Xes* and *the standard deviation of Ys*? That means, divided by two?

I know the field is marked optional. But if the "Accuracy" field is not specified, the error in OIC widget measuring tools will be "UnDef". Why do we have to calculate all these manually? Since we own X,Y,Z,heading,pitch,roll,near,far,elevation information, why doesn't the OIC Python toolkit do the calculation for us?

Thanks a bunch!!

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Did you calculate accuracy manually? If it works, how defines the depth image? What are you doing for?

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