MapImageLayer, 100s of not-visible sublayers

02-26-2019 03:16 AM
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We are in the process of re-writing a large internal web application that has 100's of users a day. I originally wrote this many years back using v3 (flex) and it is still functioning perfectly today. We are now in the process of a re-write using VueJS and so I am slowly getting intimate with the documentation for v4 but I am unfortunately not finding everything I need.

Onto my question:

We are loading in many MapImageLayers, some with 100's of layers/sublayers. Each of these MapServices have every single sublayer with a default visibility of false so that a user can fire up a LayerList/TOC component and switch them on or off. 

The issue, which is probably due to my poor understanding, is that these sublayers do not exist in 

mapImageLayer.subLayers.items unless I explicitly define them in the constructor with a visibility of false. I assume this is where findSubLayerById() looks?

Obviously I am unable to know these layer id's up-front so am I missing something obvious on how to add these sublayers correctly without having to specify them?

I can see all the sublayers  in mapImageLayer.serviceSublayers but I have not been able to find this property documented so wonder if I should not be touching it?

Thanks for any help 


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Ok, I think I have worked it out but I will leave this here in case I am doing something bad or someone else hits the issue.

It looks like I need to reset sublayers by cloning the service's sublayers.
There is a method called mapImageLayer.createServiceSubLayers documented here: 

MapImageLayer | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.10 

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Ignore all this nonsense, the dynamic building of the MapImageLayers were passing in an empty array to baselayers if none were to be displayed which was clearing it!


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