JS API 4.15 Polygon SimpleFillSymbol Style

04-20-2020 11:56 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I'm checking to see if anyone else has also experienced this issue in 4.15 when setting the SimpleFillSymbol symbol style to "none". In previous versions you could click through the polygon to layers beneath it because it had no fill when set to none. But now the click in the polygon is detected even if there is no fill. Did I miss something? It's been a bit of a Monday. Here's my renderer:

featurelayer.renderer = {
                                label: value.name,
                                type: "simple"// autocasts as new SimpleRenderer()
                                symbol: {
                                    type: "simple-fill",
                                    style: "none",
                                    outline: {
                                        cap: "round",
                                        join: "round",
                                        color: [0561011],
                                        width: 2,
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