Is CIM specification fully supported in JSAPI?

09-16-2020 05:13 AM
Esri Contributor

Hello guys,

I would like to ask you what is the state and support of CIM Symbols in ArcGIS API for JavaScript (CIMSymbol | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.16) against to CIM's specification at cim-spec/ at master · Esri/cim-spec · GitHub ?

I am specifically interested in SymbolLayer CIMPieChartMarker cim-spec/ at master · Esri/cim-spec · GitHub.

Maybe Yann Cabon‌ could know the answer ...?

Appreciate any regarding information since I could not find it anywhere and still struggling to make this pie charts work.



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Esri Contributor

Hi Jan - CIMSymbol is still in beta and not everything in the spec is currently supported, including CIMPieChartMarker. We will update the known limitations to be more specific about what is and what is not currently supported. Thank you!

Esri Contributor

Hello Anne Fitz‌,

thank you for you quick response. Yes, that would be great to have some matrix to see what is supported and what is not so I would not need to try it by the method of trial and error.

Thank you,