Interested in Creating a School Enrollment Area System

07-08-2019 02:56 PM
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Good afternoon!

I'm brand new to the Geonet community, so please excuse me if I'm not asking these questions in the appropriate location. 

I'm currently working with an office of education to combine school enrollment areas for each school district in it's jurisdiction to create a unified district/school enrollment area map. Essentially, you'd have a district boundary and within this boundary, the enrollment areas for each primary and secondary school in the district.

Ideally, I'd want to make logins for each district so that they can login to their own boundaries, adjust enrollment areas, create new ones for new schools or delete old ones, all while respecting neighboring districts (Can't adjust what isn't yours).

I've been reading up on the Javascript API, and I've tried out the smart editor in ArcGIS Online, but that only allows to adjust the verticies of a boundary for one shape file (e.g. I would need to adjust the boundaries for one and then the other). Is there a way to lock in the change in the Javascript API so that when one of the vertices is changed, it makes the change for both shapefiles? 

I've build an online geodatabase with the school districts preliminary data as a test server, however once again I am very new to Javascript API. If anyone has any advice or a template to point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. And if Javascript isn't going to cut it, I'm willing to look at other SDKs as well.

Once again, thanks for all your help!

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