InfoTemplate to read data from server always

09-20-2019 05:27 AM
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I was wondering how to force my infoTemplate to read the data each time the popup opens from the server? I have an EDIT button here. If I edit and reopen the poup it opens with the first time load data only. How do I make it load the updated data always?

I was thinking, is it related to the FeatureLayer mode constructor?

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Hi Paul,

I believed you have the featurelayer instance which is added into the map.

Call the .refresh() method of that layer after the update is finished.

If you haven't retrieved the featurelayer from the map, better to retrieve from the map first.

Below is just a sample how you can retrieve.

var tmpLayers =, function (opLayer) {
return opLayer.url == this.config.mapServiceUrl //This crietria you can change suitable to your need


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