how to get the FloorFilter widget to work with Map instead of WebMap

05-05-2021 06:36 PM
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Hello everyone I've been trying to implement the new FloorFilter widget with a Map instead of a WebMap, I added the LayerFloorInfo property to the layers but yet I cannot seem to get it to work, does my data needs to have some sort of pattern or name them in a certain way? I was looking at the thread here but they seem to be using WebMap as well, not quit what I'm looking for.

I tried following the example from the docs but it wasn't of much help since the example uses a WebMap and all it does is add the widget to the view like any other widget.

Any help would be appreciate it!

thank you

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Can you provide some screen shots? 


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Sure, @RickeyFight  I'm attaching screenshots of the data fields, I have four layers

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.33.26 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.33.51 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.34.02 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.34.27 AM.png

I iterate over the layers and add the floorInfo property, and add the widget to the view.





const layerFloorInfo = new LayerFloorInfo({
  floorField: 'FLOORID',

// iterate through layers and add floorInfo property to each of them
layers.forEach((layer: __esri.FeatureLayer) => {
  layer.floorInfo = layerFloorInfo;

const floorFilter = new FloorFilter({ view: view });
view.ui.add(floorFilter, { position: 'top-left', index: 2 })




but the widget is disabled and won't give me any options of the data or anything at all,

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.59.52 AM.png

Thank you!

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In order to make a floor-aware map with the JavaScript API, you will need to use the WebMap class instead of Map.  Once you have a WebMap, you can then set its floorInfo property.  The layers that you choose to represent facilities and floor levels must follow a specific schema.  Learn more here:

That floor info in the WebMap is what enables the FloorFilter widget to show facilities/levels to choose from.

An alternative to the JavaScript API for floor-aware map creation, if you have ArcGIS Pro, is to use the newly available ArcGIS Pro 2.8 to set the floor properties on your map before sharing as a webmap.


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this worked for me:

const mySiteLayerInfo = new SiteLayerInfo({
layerId: "sites_view_9488",
siteIdField: "SITE_ID",
nameField: "NAME",

const myFacilityLayerInfo = new FacilityLayerInfo({
facilityIdField: "FACILITY_ID",
layerId: "facilities_view_8594",
nameField: "NAME",
longNameField: "NAME_LONG",
siteIdField: "SITE_ID",

const myLevelLayerInfo = new LevelLayerInfo({
facilityIdField: "FACILITY_ID",
layerId: "levels_view_4226",
levelIdField: "LEVEL_ID",
levelNumberField: "LEVEL_NUMBER",
longNameField: "NAME",
shortNameField: "NAME_SHORT",
verticalOrderField: "VERTICAL_ORDER",
floorField: "LEVEL_ID",

const myFloorInfo = new MapFloorInfo({
siteLayer: mySiteLayerInfo,
facilityLayer: myFacilityLayerInfo,
levelLayer: myLevelLayerInfo,

const webmap = new WebMap({
portalItem: {
id: "1c020f2cdab3436ca7d54facf6bfab00",
floorInfo: myFloorInfo,

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