ExtractData Widget Confusion

04-27-2020 12:23 PM
New Contributor II

I am attempting to implement an ExtractData Widget in Javascript API v3.2. I've finally managed to get the widget to display with my layers and options populated. Here's my issue:

The Run Analysis button is set as a page submit input control and is simply reloading my map page. No analysis call is taking place. I'm obviously missing something, but I have no idea what that something is.

One thing I'm confused about is that on the Working with Analysis Widgets reference page, it has the following paragraph:

I'm a little confused by this. I'm not using ArcGIS Online. We have an ArcGIS Server with my map services. We don't have any ArcGIS.com subscriptions. Why would this be required?

Does anybody have any experience implementing the ExtractData widget? I can't find anyone in the entire Interwebs that has even used this thing.

Thanks in advance!

And if anybody has a better or easier way to simply extract a shapefile from the web map, I'm all ears.

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