Draw toolbar issue, not rendering graphics correctly (3.26)

11-06-2018 11:42 PM
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Our user found an issue, where graphics in draw toolbar were not rendering correctly.
We are using javascript api version 3.26, and I could reproduce it in Draw demo app (on Chrome):

ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox 

The issue happens with various tools - polyline, polygon, multipoint (didn't test others, I believe the issue holds).
It is more noticeable in deep zoom levels.

As I was looking into it - my thoughts are - graphics creates (svg) canvas with some initial size. As user moves mouse or clicks to add point, the size of the canvas is not changing, thus not rendering geometry on the screen. Panning while drawing "fixes" it.

I couldn't find a proper way to report an issue.
I attached a GIF with the issue at demo page.

GIF with the issue

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   The proper way to report a bug is to call esri tech support. This is an interesting find. I have not been able to reproduce it using the sample link you gave even when zoomed into the max extent.

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I would occasionally see a vertex that isn't added when clicking near the edge of the extent, but it would be added the second time I clicked.

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Sometimes it draws OK. Then just complete the geometry, pan away, draw again, and it will glitch out.

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