BuildingExplorer doesn't show all levels when no level is selected

11-18-2021 03:38 AM
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We have built a custom Building Scene Layer from Geodatabase multipatches. All features containe a BldgLevel attribute, which holds the level information. We have published the Building Scene Layer from ArcGIS Pro, and load it in a Web Scene. Everything looks ok, and we can browse the different levels using the Building Explorer widget:

However, if we unselect the level ind the widget ("Clear level"), instead of seeing all levels, nothing happens. This is not the expected behaviour, as can be seen on the Esri example:

Here, as expected, when no level is selected, the full building with all levels is shown.

We see no difference in the building layer structure of our building layer:

and the exemple building layer from Esri:

Interestingly, on our Portal (Enteprise 10.8.1), the Building Explorer widget works as expected, with the same building layer!

We suspect that there must be a problem with our data model (a missing attribute?), but unfortunately, the building layers are very scantily documented... We would be glad for any hint that could help us understand what is preventing the Building Explorer widget from working properly...

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Hi @SébastienPerret 

Thanks for having provided a repro case. We looked into this issue and should be able to provide a fix as part of the upcoming release of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. This will be version 4.22 and it's planned to be released as part of the next ArcGIS Online update in December this year.


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