Browser Dependent Scrollbar Behavior (IE11 vs. Chrome) in JSAPI 3.x

07-20-2020 05:16 PM
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How do I fix a strange looking and unresponsive scrollbar in Search widget, i.e. a scrollbar that disappears when clicked on. I thought I was missing some parameter. But when I switched from Chrome to IE, I realize it's all browser related.

The following works in IE but not in Chrome:

// This is part of custom widget for Web Appbuilder, thus 3.x

this.mySearch = new Search({
          sources: [ <list of sources> ] ,
          popupEnabled: false,
          autoSelect: false, 
          enableSourcesMenu: false,
          enableSuggestions: true,
          maxSuggestions: 5,
          allPlaceholder: "Example: John Wayne",
          autoNavigate: false
}, "mySearch");

I have found that I can tweak the scrollbar look (width/color) by overriding parameters in :

::-webkit-scrollbar {

But what is the work-around for the click-on-scrollbar behavior? Thanks.

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