anyone using phone gps to track employees

05-02-2017 05:59 AM
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Public Works is supplying all employees with iphones.  Director would like to capture gps breadcrumbs for use in analyses -- actual mowing acreage, street sweeper mileage, etc.  Any ideas that would allow me to download data from some app (Find My Phone) to server and then be able to create a service for use in operational dashboard or Asset Management map?  Thanks

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You might be able to make use of a Tracking Feature Service in conjunction with an app like Collector or Workforce if you have are GIS Server.  Another option would be to check into a Mobile Device Management System to help monitor and manage these phones.  Usually they have a tracking location module. 

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Sorry...  Couldn't help myself...

Image result for big brother is watching

That should just about do it....
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Oh sure, funny!  It isn't 1984, is it?  I think I found the solution through!  Going through some tutorials right now!

But it does look like I'll be able to set up the filters to not track during lunch and after work!

It's actually kind of scary!  Isn't it?  George Orwell didn't know how right he was; or did he?

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