Search Widget Dropdown Suggestions - Only Ones That "Start With" The Search Term

03-05-2021 03:14 PM
Status: Open
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I think a property should be added to set the Search Widget or Layer Search Source to limit the search using the like operator so that the query would be <searchField> like '<searchTerm>%'.  The prefix and suffix properties won't work for this.

I am using a feature layer search source with the Search Widget.  The feature layer contains address points that have addresses with apartment numbers.  There are some single digit address numbers, such as 8 Wyclow St.  When users enter 8 into the input box, the top 6 suggestions do not include 8 Wyclow St or even, for example, 8000 Main St.  Instead the top suggestions presented are addresses with the character '8' elsewhere in the address text.

Here the suggestions for '8':



Here are the suggestions for '8 ':



And for '8 W':




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This is a great idea! Even for non-address data, the variety within a "name" field can leave the actual relevant suggestions buried by the top features.