Question: Displaying your geoprocessing interpolation raster output in Flex

05-06-2014 07:02 PM
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I used modelbuilder to interpolate some climate data, the tool i used is kriging, the output showing raster in ArcMap, however, I published into ArcGIS server as a geoprocessing service, then in Flexviews, output i had no choice then the raster come out as a link then it download as a .TIFF file and as a white image there.
I also have the same problem as some user post on the forum, please help me.
in the arcgisjobs directory, the image is generated as .TIFF file and its a �??white image�?� I do not know how to fix it at flex. if you figure it out I will be happy to know
here is my tool
thank you for the help
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