Evolving Mobile Field Inspection - ArcPad to Collector and Beyond | Joel Carter – Cardno

07-02-2020 10:35 AM
Esri Contributor

Joel Carter, with Cardno, gives an overview of the presentation he recorded for the virtual 2020 Esri User Conference. His presentation will be available to view on-demand, search the conference online agenda with the presentation name.

Abstract submitted:

We will review data collection approaches used in a multiyear project to create and maintain a statewide asset inventory of outdoor signs. ArcPad was used initially to streamline the user interface and implement business rules to promote higher quality inputs. The process was later migrated to a faster Collector and ArcGIS Enterprise based solution. However, a desire to regain the ArcPad’s forms-based workflow led to exploring the customization of other data collection tools like Suvery123.

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