ESRI GIS Solutions for Construction Stakeout Surveying

12-01-2020 01:43 PM
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Our survey department uses Trimble Devices to survey points and create stakeouts and perform basic construction staking. We would love to use Collector and any GNSS receiver preferably EOS Arrow Gold but I'm fine with others.  We are looking for the same user experience we get with easy access to Enterprise data in collector that seamlessly syncs back to our databases in "real time" to be used by others in the office and visa-versa. To my knowledge I don't know of a data collection unit that can provide the functionality of construction staking like you can with Trimble units and have the GIS ESRI data integration experience you get with collector and an EOS unit.    

Any suggestions or information of products/workflows to help with this would be greatly appreciated.  

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Collector, Explorer and the new ArcGIS Field Maps have a way to navigate to a feature with heading and distance. I realize that this is not the full functionality that you are describing in your staking operations. However, I would be interested in having a more in depth conversation around your workflow and how it could be implemented in ArcGIS Field Maps. 

Please feel free to reach out and we can set up a call.


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Hi Andrew

Our customers also need such functionality, stakeout points from within GIS app. GIS app has all their data which they can query while in the field. All they need is to find these features accurately on ground.  line joining my current location and the PoI plus an arrow showing the direction in which to head.

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