Best approach to creating and managing Accessible PDF Maps

10-29-2020 08:32 AM
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Wondering about best methods for creating and managing accessible pdf maps.

I have tried normal export out of ArcMap to PDF then adding tags and reading order within Acrobat Pro DC. Seems to work ok with some pdf maps but with others, there are many objects of text that need to be removed or they will all be read out loud (every road, street, river, park name etc.) when really only a description of main elements of the map are needed. So when I attempt to remove them, this seems to sometimes mess up the map leaving blank areas. I also attempted to bring the map into ArcGIS Pro then export as an image only pdf, but the text still ends up being recognized as text. This seems like a cumbersome process that needs to be repeated any time a map is updated.

Is anyone using other software to create their accessible PDF maps? Adobe InDesign maybe? If so how do you go about it. I haven't found good documentation on how to go about it with that software. Another program?

Seems like this should be a feature built into ArcGIS Pro so that every time that map is exported the reading order elements will already be setup and not have to be redone.

Help and advice appreciated. Thanks.

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