Web Scene Viewer or CityEngine Web Viewer?

09-13-2016 01:40 PM
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I am about to publish my project developed in CityEngine in ArcGIS online and I realize that I have two options:

WebScene Viewer or CityEngine Viewer.

I couldn't find many information about the good and bad points about each one.

Web Scene is for projects exported from ArcScene, right? And CityEngine Viewer for files *.3ws shared from Cityengine, correct? 

Which one should I use? Is WebScene viewer has limitation of the size of the data?

Any input is more than welcome.



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Here is a little comparison list, let me know if you have any other questions.

CityEngine Web Viewer:
* loads 3ws files (aka CityEngine Web Scene)
* displays a single static 3ws scene, exported from CE or ArcScene
* small local extent in cartesian coordinate system. (fishtank view)
* no authoring after publish (no basemaps, no adding of layers)
* initial one-time download, no streaming data.

Scene Viewer:
* loads web scenes
* displays a web scene created from Scene Viewer (AGOL) or Pro
* displays a collection of portal layers: Scene Layer, Feature Layer, Image Layer...
* World-extent in spherical globe rendering (or planar in local scene mode)
* World-extent basemaps
* loads data progressively
* Scene Viewer allows authoring of scenes, i.e. adding/removing layers, modifying symbology, create slides

* Use web scenes in WebApp Builder, Templates & 4.x JS API

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Thank you, Russell.

Really useful your information!

I can see many good points in Scene Viewer! It works with *.spk, right?

The only thing is that I can't see "my contents" when I try to add layer. I created a scene layer package in Cityengine, upload and share.

Any ideas why "my content" does not appear?

The same spk can be read by arcgis earth, right?

Thank you once more!

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The scene viewer will not read the spks but you can publish a scene layer from the spk. From the item details there will be a publish button that will create a scene layer.

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If this bottom does not appear is it because I don't have permission? It should be next to this "download", "update" and "Share" bottom, right?

Does ArcGIS Earth spk file? 

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Yup, you will want a role with the ability to publish scene layers

when you do, the item details page will look like this. 

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Many thanks for all your help!