Help creating DEM from geoTIFF or asciiGRID LiDAR data

11-01-2014 12:00 AM
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For a home project I want to 3d print an area from a map.

I have downloaded a geoTIFF file and an asciiGRID file from the Tasmanian governments spacial program "TheList"

The two files are here: - Google Drive - Google Drive

I have tried for hours using separate programmes, and have found out that I need to use arcGIS, which I now have.

When I try to import the files, I come up with a grwyscale flat plane.

Could anyone walk me through how to create a DEM from these lidar files or point me to a tutorial? I'm frustrated and stumped...



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Are you viewing the tiff in ArcMap or ArcScene. ArcMap is the 2D view; however, ArcScene will display the image in 3D.

Fundamental of displaying surfaces in 3D

Setting the raster layer's base heights using a surface in ArcScene

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