Working with LIDAR for beginers

02-02-2015 01:24 PM
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Hi, Im trying to build a 3D GIS model for some of the facilities at a Wastewater Treatment Plant. I've got some LIDAR data from the USGS website and Im having trouble getting the average elevation data for each of the buildings in the Plant. Is there any resources such as books, or web that can help me out on how to work with LIDAR data?

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Hi Marcos, you should move your question to a different place (from the FAQ) to obtain more help:

What places exist on GeoNet?

GeoNet contains a variety of spaces and groups create by both Esri and the user community.

Some resources:

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Thanks Xander for the helpful links.

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Hi Marcos,

I published a procedure to work with LiDAR data in ArcGIS 10:

Procesamiento de datos LiDAR con ArcGIS Desktop 10 - E-Prints Complutense

I hope it works for you.