How do I make simple angled 3d features in ArcScene, like angled tubes for mine shafts?

08-21-2019 12:42 PM
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I'm helping a colleague with a historic map of a portion of the Nevada gold mining regions from mid 1800's. The map shows claim foot prints along with some very general information for mine shafts (entrance location, general layout in plan view only, and elevations for top, bottom and every junction along the shaft). We want to visualize the mines in 3d to some extent and have pulled the map and an elevation surface into ArcScene.

One idea I have for a basic sub surface visualization is to show the mine shafts as 3d features (cylinders or rectangular prisms) that descend below the surface and angle away in main direction of the shaft. We don't have detailed profile schematics, but the top and bottom shaft elevations combined with plan view locations for the top and bottom of the shaft ends should be enough to create these general shapes. But I'm not sure what the right workflow is. I know how to extrude flat shapes into 3d shapes from attributes, but I can't angle these away. Is there a method for connecting two xy endpoints at different z values and extruding a volume between them?

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