End of life for Survey123 on Android 5.x (and older versions) in March 2021

Poll created by ichivite-esristaff Employee on Jun 15, 2020

Esri is planning to drop support for Android 5.x and older versions in ArcGIS runtime in December 2020.  Since Survey123 uses the ArcGIS Runtime to display maps within the mobile app, this means that shortly after the Survey123 field app will not work on top of devices with Android 5.x or older.   If all goes according to plan, support for Android 5.x and older in the Survey123 field app will end with our March 2021 update.


For context, Android 5 was released in November 2014. As of April 2020, roughly 6% of Android active devices use this version, although usage continues to decrease every month. Dropping support for Android 5 is necessary before the ArcGIS Runtime can take full advantage of features introduced in newer versions of the Android operating system.


The big question here is if dropping support in March 2021 is going to be too early for you, or not. Before making a final call, we wanted to reach out to see where you are!


We will keep this poll open until September 1 2020. We care about your comments, feel free to add comments here or contact us directly at survey123@esri.com

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  • Go ahead! OK for me to drop support for Android 5.x.
  • Hold it! We need Esri to keep Android 5.x supported!