What Portal Authentication are you using?

Poll created by DWongesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Aug 14, 2019

Hi all,


Having done quite a fair share of ArcGIS Enterprise deployments, I have always wondered how others have configured their access for Portal.


In particular, those using SSO and/or MFA, have you encountered any issues / roadblocks?


Would be keen to hear what challenges you have faced and/or how you came to the decision on which to use.


Some of the feedback I have heard with SSO:


  • Since Portal items can have one owner, normally a named user is nominated to be the sole owner where there are more than 1 GIS adminstrator. Thus individuals publish services to their own content and change it to this owner. However, when republishing the service, they need to switch owner again to republish and then back.  Note: This happens using ArcGIS Pro, not so for ArcMap.
  • Following on the above-mentioned point, with built-in users, PSA can be used to be the sole owner, however with SSO, you get "locked out" of this user and have to consume another Creator/level 2 named user.





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  • Portal Built-in
  • ADFS
  • Windows AD
  • LDAP
  • Others (see comment)