Does your organization have a Geospatial Strategy?

Poll created by SMcGinnis-esristaff Employee on Jul 16, 2019

Last week at the 2019 Esri User Conference, we had an interactive Geospatial Strategy Panel Session to discuss the development and implementation of a strategy. This was the first question we asked session participants. I wanted to open the question to the broader community to see how many people are developing or implementing a Geospatial Strategy.


In the work we have done with organizations globally, those who establish and take action through a Geospatial Strategy, raise the profile of GIS and geospatial technologies in their organization while quickly delivering more value to their organization. Taking a business first approach is key. Creating a business-oriented plan, considering people, process, and technology, defining how an organization will use GIS to achieve goals, outcomes, and overcome challenges.

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