Four Year Check-In:  What is your competency level with ArcGIS Pro?

Poll created by abeck_TREKK on Dec 18, 2018

ArcGIS Pro was first released in January 2015.  If you dove-in head first, you may have used ArcGIS Pro for up to four years.


I was a little later to the game and dove in during the big push during the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.0 (Summer 2017).  Personally, I am beginning to be more comfortable with Pro for certain workflows, but still find myself reverting back to ArcMap often to complete tasks more efficiently.  I still use ArcMap more than ArcGIS Pro.


What about you?  

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  • It's called Pro for a reason - I am an ArcGIS Pro! Retire ArcMap early!
  • I rarely use ArcMap anymore - fully immersed in ArcGIS Pro for all workflows.
  • I use ArcGIS Pro more than ArcMap - but still use ArcMap occasionally.
  • I use ArcMap more than ArcGIS Pro - but use ArcGIS Pro occasionally.
  • I opened ArcGIS Pro, and panicked. I exclusively use ArcMap.
  • What's ArcGIS Pro?