Need a functionality in ArcGIS Desktop to know the association of a feature class with mxds, models, scripts or any other forms of relationships

Poll created by sehafiz on Dec 3, 2018

Now in December 2018, still there is no command or tool in ArcGIS Desktop to know how a feature class is related to various mxds, models, scripts or any other relationships. I believe it is helpful to have the function in ArcGIS Desktop.


I have created this poll to raise this requirement by the ArcGIS users from different corners of the world. It is a long needed functionality, probably first documented in 2010 in Geonet.


Many people have managed to get it resolved locally through scripting. However a button or a right click command can be a easy solution that ESRI can develop and supply as a built in solution with ArcGIS Desktop to help minimizing the effort of the GIS professionals to create the script.

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  • It is very much required
  • It helps in managing data, however it is not essential
  • It is not required at all