Please rate the GeoNet Weekly News & Tips blog content.

Poll created by CLoya-esristaff Employee on Jun 5, 2018

Do you read the GeoNet Weekly News & Tips blog each week? 

In the last two months, a GeoNet Weekly News & Tips blog has been posted and shared on GeoNet and Twitter. We want to know your thoughts on the weekly blog. Please take a moment to rate the GeoNet Weekly News & Tips blog. Let us know if the content is useful, relevant and enhancing your GeoNet experience, and why.

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  • I find the content useful, entertaining, or relevant to my use of GeoNet. (top voted)
  • I find the content helps me know what is happening in GeoNet. (top voted)
  • I want more weekly content.
  • I want less.
  • What weekly blog? (top voted)