The Human Component of Technology

Poll created by MGreen-esristaff Employee on May 4, 2018

GeoNet Featured PollMany of our customers have to take on several roles during a technology implementation.  We are curious to understand how many customers take the time up front to plan for the people components of change during their Project Plan.  These types of activities might include:

  • Communication starting during the initial planning phases
  • Including efforts to include managers early into a project implementation plan so that they can incorporate the change into daily workflows
  • Taking proactive steps to help reduce concerns that cause resistance to the implementation
  • Planning the appropriate training activities timed with implementation schedules


There are many other activities that occur to support people's ability to transition through the change smoothly.


So, did you plan ahead for these types of activities so that you could execute them effectively during your technology implementation?



An interesting thought to add in the comments section might be… in hindsight, when do believe you SHOULD start people focused change management planning?  Please share your thoughts below.

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  • We planned for people within our Project Plan
  • We did not include the people component into our Project Plan