Should ArcGIS Monitor be part of stardard Enterprise product?

Poll created by MChilcott on Mar 20, 2018

ArcGIS Monitor is an exciting new product to help monitor and report on Enterprise ArcGIS Server installations.  This will help enormously to improve performance of services, identify which layers are being used the most, report on system issues and allow for proactive reporting and management to prevent problems before they occur.  It can assists at the service level, the database level, and at the resource level of the underlying servers (CPU, Disk Etc)


The question is - if you are paying maintenance for Enterprise - is this a separate product you should pay for, or should it be considered as an additional functionality to the current Enterprise solution, and thus supplied to users under maintenance.

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  • Yes - ArcGIS Monitor should be part of Enterprise product and supplied for users under maintenance
  • No - ArcGIS Monitor should be sold as a separate product