Geodatabase Management:  Versioning

Poll created by TMorgan-esristaff Employee on Mar 13, 2018

This is for all of those GIS managers out there.  If you are in an enterprise geodatabase and utilize multi-user editing, I'd like to know your prefered method of diagnosing your geodatabase. 

Of course, there are certain operations that require Esri applications (like reconcile and post, and the geodatabase compress), but when you need to get an overview of the state of your geodatabase, I'd like to know about that!  Do you stay in Esri applications (ArcCatalog) or do you use your native RDBMS interfaces (SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Plus, PGadmin, etc)?


If you'd like, comment with some details of your prefered workflows, tools and tables used, as well as your work/education background. 


This poll is hoping to bridge the gap between IT professionals and Geographers, which in modern day terms would be called a GIS professional

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  • I prefer Esri applications to diagnose my versioned data
  • I prefer RDBMS applications to diagnose my versioned data