Thinking on ArcPro?

Poll created by MatthewDuffy on Mar 21, 2017

What are your thoughts regarding ArcPro?  Do you use it?  Do you like it?

It has been a couple of years since the last poll, 'Do you ArcPro?'.  Now I want to know from those of you that have been using it, what do you think?  Me personally, I have been using ArcPro consistently now for about a month and I LOVE IT!  I am very happy to be back into the project realm and also that the transporting of projects and data can now easily be ported to wherever you would like.  However, it does seem to consume more memory and resources sometimes that my machine can handle and I'm left with no alternative but the 'hard-push'.  I have noticed though, all of the data and tools developed within a project will persist even after this happens...which I found to be very impressive.  I want to hear what you think on this and if there are any pitfalls that I haven't come across yet....because I'm really loving the new ArcPro software suite.  Bravo! 

What say you?

Please leave your notes and any insights in the comment section. 

Thanks in advance for your participation.

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  • No way. I think the author may be drunk or something, ArcPro is awful, I don't use the word 'hate' often, but I hate it!
  • Perhaps, no. I haven't used it enough yet, but I do not like what I see so far and am waiting until its better
  • Perhaps yes. I haven't used it enough yet, but I do like what I'm seeing so far and will be using it more as time goes on
  • Yes. I like it and will continue using it, but do not have the excitement that is noted by the author.
  • Yes absolutely. I identify with this poll's author completely, using this new ArcPro brings out my inner GIS geek. I'm feeling more happy about this new product every time I use it!