Browser Support for Story Map Cascade Builder?

Poll created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Feb 28, 2017

While Cascade story maps can be viewed on any browser, the Story Map Cascade builder is currently supported only on Chrome and Safari. This means authors can only create Cascade stories using those two browsers.


If you have a need to create story maps using the Cascade builder and your workplace restricts the use of BOTH Chrome and Safari, please use this poll to register your interest in support for other browsers. It would also be helpful to comment on this poll to provide more information about how/why these browsers are restricted in your organization.


We will use the information gathered in this poll and from other sources to evaluate and prioritize the need for additional browser support for the Cascade builder.


Thank you for your feedback,

Esri's Story Maps Team

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  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge