Failure rates when editing a Hosted Feature Service in ArcMap

Poll created by dougbrowning on May 11, 2016

Looking for failure rates when editing a Hosted Feature Service in ArcMap. (Right click Create Local Copy for Editing)  The HFS could be from AGO or ArcServer.  Feel free to also answer based on Collector also.


We are considering using them more but in our experience it has been unreliable.  I have seen many posts about high failure rates on the HFS and with Collector.  We have had reports from our 3rd party developer of high failure rates for our tablet project.  We have a contractor who is having high failure rates when editing our AGO HFS.


We already ran smack into the bug-000084828 when loading more than 3,000 records and the bummer of not being able to upload anything with true curves.


Thanks for any input.

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