Who still uses VBA?

Poll created by Hornbydd Champion on Sep 30, 2015

I recently answered a question over on GIS stack exchange and I naturally thought up the solution in VBA. It made me think that VBA is still as good as it has always been and in my opinion beats python for quick and dirty customization in an MXD or running code that requires use of some obscure part of the ArcObjects model.


So out of curiosity I want to ask the desktop developers/analysts/geo-processing community do you still use VBA to get that bit of work done and out of the door? For bigger development projects I use VB .Net but its your use of VBA I am curious about?

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  • Never used VBA
  • Use it all the time, could not live without it!
  • Sometimes use it to get specific tasks done and would really miss it if ESRI got rid of it
  • Sometimes use it only because I know how to do something in it, happy to see it die as I love python
  • What I do does not need the depth that VBA offers (Windows forms/ArcObjects), I can do everything in python