Where would you like to have an Esri DevSummit in the Midwest?

Poll created by csergent08 on Jul 27, 2015

While at the User Conference I was able to ask Jack Dangermond during the closing session about the possibility of having a 2 day DevSummit in the Central US to target GIS Developers that may not be able to attend the Palm Springs Developer Summit or developers that rarely get to go. He gave the challenge to seek out interest. There have been 10 in Palm Springs, 3 in Europe, and 2 in Washington DC. If you want a DevSummit in the Midwest, I need your help to vote on where and you need to share this poll with everyone you can.


This will be a three part poll.


Part 1 - Where could you attend a Midwest DevSummit  - Only the cities I list will be considered, so if you want this to happen, vote for one


The next two parts I will turn into hyperlinks once I have published them

Part 2 - When is the best time for a Central US DevSummit - Central US will be replaced by the city name

Part 3 - How often have attended the DevSummit in Palm Springs

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  • Chicago, Illinois
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Dallas, Texas