Location Advantage Week 6 GeoNet Poll

Poll created by DDiBiase-esristaff Employee on Jun 15, 2015

Might you be interested in our next MOOC?


"The Location Advantage" is the second in a series of Esri MOOCs. We'd appreciate your feedback on our plan for a third MOOC, tentatively titled "Building Geoenabled Apps." Like "Location Advantage," this will be a free, six-week online course that makes the case that geoenablement adds more than just dots on a map. Students will gain hands-on experience building geoenabled apps on the ArcGIS platform that realize the value in open data.


Does a course of that kind interest you, or do you know others who may be interested?

511 total votes
  • Yes, I'd be eager to enroll and finish the course. (top voted)
  • Yes, I'd enroll, see what the course is like, then decide how much of it to complete.
  • The course doesn’t interest me much, but I have friends and/or co-workers who would be very interested.
  • Maybe. I’m worried that it might be too technical.
  • I can’t say because I don’t know what “geoenable” means.
  • No. That doesn’t sound interesting to me.
  • I have a different idea for your next MOOC. (Please post a comment.)