Do you want USB-Sync Capability for Offline Collector Data and Apps?

Poll created by tpcolson Champion on Jan 7, 2015

Do you want USB-Sync Capability for Offline Collector Data and Apps? I have also posted this in Ideas. I'm hoping to generate enough interest for this so that it shows up in the next release! I'm drinking the Collector Kool-aid but the must-be-tied-to-wireless to get data on and off the device is a deal breaker for us: we just don't have the infrastructure, and in most cases, a wireless connection at all, to use the application that way. There are some "workarounds" where you can convert the SQLite file on the device to XML-> Geodatabase, but you still can't truely "sync" from that.



Currently, the only way to sync Collector for ArcGIS offline data is via wireless. For those organization with no, limited, or restricted wireless capacity, Collector is a non-solution. Users want to be able to connect Collector devices to a computer with the devices USB cable and sync to Portal or AGOL via some sort of Arc Tool Box script or other desktop tool. In addition, when collecting features with attachements not even the best wireless connection allows sync when many dozens or hundreds of photo attachments have been collected.


Maybe not a true "Sync" tool. If there was a duct-tape-and-bailing wire way that we could get data to and from collector using the Distributed Geodatabase tools as an interim solution, I'd consider this poll a success.



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