How many Health departments leverage the ArcGIS Online -AGOL solutions?

Poll created by DOHAdmin on Aug 7, 2014

I would like to ask all my counterparts here if they know of or have used any State/ Local Health Department technologies that leverage the ESRI ArcGIS Online Cloud presence?   I work for the Rhode Island State Health Department and we have just started to not only embed ESRI API's into our website; but to have the Public point to our AGOL cloud account for ease of access to information.  We see this as being an important part of reaching out and communicating to people in a not-so-traditional methodology of just web page text.  We are trying.  And this interactive, dynamic, and mobile functionality is impressive and should be easy to use across all platforms.


I have created this just to get a feel for the AGOL presence in our Health related field.  I can already see the listings online obviously but I would like to get a real sense of the plans for incorporating AGOL solutions into existing public health services.  As an example...

Dental Safety Net Providers in RI 2014

RI Department of Health, Dental Safety Net Providers, 2014

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  • First hand knowledge of an AGOL Health solution. Have used it to locate a health facility or professional service
  • Semi-remember seeing an interactive map and services listed by Health Dept..
  • I saw a map, or an image, or a PDF...
  • I was shown a web site full of text, text, text