January 14, 2016

Blog Post created by wilsong083548 on Jan 14, 2016

Our latest incarnation of the Community Service webapp.  Now called the HELP Map:


The Albuquerque Academy community and global citizenship department is creating a exciting new community map to help link students to valuable service opportunities throughout the Albuquerque metro area. The new “HELP Map” (Helping Everyone in Lots of Places), is driven by data taken from student experiences during their Commitment to Service projects and their 8/9 off-campus service requirements. We hope that our students and their families will continue to find the HELP Map useful throughout the holiday season while looking for service opportunities. For any questions or suggestions regarding the HELP map please contact Dara Johnson (JohnsonD@aa.edu) or Peter Glidden (glidden@aa.edu). Special thanks to Gayle Wilson (wilsong@aa.edu) for her continued support and expertise with GIS!


So, here's what we have now:


ArcGIS Community Service HELP! Web Application


Question:  Since our students are adding new volunteer agencies to the database (sometimes several per week, stored in a network drive location on campus), is there a way that we can re-use the webapp without uploading all the data (old data and new data)? IOW, is it possible to add to the existing data (append to existing data) in our ArcGIS Online Org account file? I haven't found an answer in looking at AGO Help, but then, I might not be looking in the right place.  Thanks for any advice! (It's a pain having to keep pulling the data over and over and re-configuring all the points each time we have new data points, but also have over a hundred that haven't changed at all).


I had a little time to snoop and I think this might help address my question: