Is your mobile GIS app free?

Blog Post created by webmapsolutions on Sep 17, 2014

In answer to a recent email asking …. Is your mobile GIS app free?


I always wonder about this question of free? Is anything free? Is Collector for ArcGIS actually free (given that it requires ArcGIS Online)? Suppose you use a truly free app to get your work done, does that mean you pass this cost (free) onto your clients?


Now open source is free and wonderful. This is quite a different question. Usually these are world wide collaborations. Often the base for extended work done by companies like ourselves.


We’ve built a mobile GIS framework which provides the flexibility Collector for ArcGIS lacks. Using the framework we provide clients with mobile GIS apps which are:

* Configurable – styled based on client needs, not tied to ArcGIS Online etc.

* Extensible – so we can add custom tools or widgets based on client needs

* Intuitive – non GIS-centric workflows, so usable by non-GIS and GIS folk alike.


If we measured how much we are saving clients, then I suppose you could say our mobile GIS apps are free :-)