Why do you think interest in GIS is on the rise?

Blog Post created by webmapsolutions on Aug 6, 2014

If you read The Tipping Point, by Malcolm T. Gladwell, you will understand that the smartphone was actually a tipping point for GIS technology. GIS was only used by enterprises and big companies who wanted to add the location dimension to their tabular data so it helped them better visualize and analyze their information. With smartphones and GPS, geographic location became more relevant. Pictures taken with smartphones are tagged with location information. Mobile applications are being developed to harness the power of GIS for routing, finding the best restaurants in an area, calculating shortest routes, finding information based on geo-fencing technology that sends you text messages when you pass by a shop, and so on. The popularity of GIS is on the rise and so is the interest in adapting this technology. A snippet from a Q&A with Hussein Nasser