Custom cross platform mobile GIS apps are expensive?

Blog Post created by webmapsolutions on Aug 6, 2014

So ... custom cross platform mobile GIS apps are expensive?


They certainly can be. Let's imagine you would like a custom version of  Collector for ArcGIS. Maybe you want a tool which is not provided by Collector. Lets say custom forms. iFormBuider won't cut it. You need something for your unique workflows. Since you have a field team who use Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices (that means smartphone and tablets) you need a cross platform solution. What do you do?


More than likely you turn to a GIS development company like ours. You'll ask us, if such a custom app is possible. And most importantly how much it might cost?


Mobile GIS development can be expensive. Why? To develop GIS apps not only is a mobile development expert required, but somebody well versed in GIS. That is specialized.


Cross platform. That means a mobile GIS app which runs across device types. That could potentially mean 3 mobile apps written in 3 different languages; Objective-C for Apple, Java for Android and .Net for Windows. Multiple apps written by one or more mobile developer. Now you begin to understand the time and cost involved.


Custom cross platform mobile GIS apps are expensive?

So yes ... custom cross platform mobile GIS apps CAN BE expensive.


Do they have to be?


Absolutely not!


There are many ways custom cross platform mobile GIS apps can be built. As a company we are experts with mobile GIS development. With that experience we are smart about how we build mobile GIS apps for clients. We can help suggest many paths to achieve your goals, without breaking the bank. 


Let us know more about your mobile GIS project. We can help build a solution within your budgets.