Widen your GIS thinking

Blog Post created by webmapsolutions on Aug 4, 2014

We live in a world of narrow thinking. How often do you hear comments like:


"I vote Republican (Democrat) because that is the way my parents have always voted"




"I know that mine is the one true religion?"


Or been in one way conversations where you (are forced to) listen to somebody telling you every small detail of their life. Their career, promotion etc. How do we grow as people, as GIS professionals, if we spend our time staring at our own navels?


Widen your GIS thinking


Its time to widen your thinking. How useful is somebody who keeps a narrow focus? Their boss wants (expects) them to be continually valuable to the company. That takes more than just doing the "right things" for promotion. Its taking an active interest in the (GIS) activities of the company; the industry, watching what others are doing, talking, reading, making suggestions, having ideas. Its too easy to sit back and go through the motions. Follow behind others. Focusing on how to get promoted directly, instead of what value you can bring to make the company more successful. A subtle but big difference.


GIS is exploding. As a GIS professional opportunity knocks. Don't sit and stare at your navel, or worry about all those new "GIS graduates" making you less valuable. You are incredibly valuable. Grab your career by the horns. Read, ask questions, contribute directly to your companies future (not just your immediate tasks). 


Take your great ideas and start a company of your own!


Don't miss out on the GIS wave. Join of us. Before it has passed.