working with ArcGIS Online

Blog Post created by tvalentine on Mar 24, 2015

I have been working with ArcGIS online, I'm attempting to create a web application that allows users to click on and off different study site locations and help with the siting of new studies.  Control and restricted areas can be shown as well.  I have a ArcGIS 10.2 server where I have my data published, and I'm mashing that up with some esri basemaps and the javascript api.  I'm using the default setups, and adding some widgets.  here is a link to my application: ArcGIS Web Application   


I will be changing the order of the layers as folks look at them and decide they want different groupings.


I have run into interesting problems.  My first problem was that I didn't have the permissions to do analysis, and it took a while to be made an administrator to get the proper permissions to do analysis.   I then was able to add a watershed tool, and a buffer tool.  These are mostly for fun (me playing with things).  I tried to add download data, but my map service is not a feature service.  I found out through a lot of searching around, that I have to have my data in an enterprise geodatabase to make it a feature service  (someone can tell me if I'm wrong about that).


This application will continue to evolve, hopefully more after I attend a training in Portland.  Watching the on-line seminar really helped me figure out where the widgets were and how to add them.