Story Map Woes

Blog Post created by tvalentine on Aug 27, 2014

I decided to explore making a story map.  I have a  nice little project with a discovery trail that I collected GPS locations and pictures for this summer.  I tried the basic story map program, and following the instructions, first thing was to put my photos on Facebook, which I did.  Then it wanted me to locate the points on a map.  I have GPS coordinates for my points, and there wasn't an interface for that.  However, I saw that I could used advanced options.  It let me put in the Lat/Long coordinates, but would not take my photos from Facebook.   I had to have a link to the photo.  I now have to put my photos on-line somewhere else to use this.  I decided to wait a while, that perhaps it wasn't time to do this.   Would be nice "esri" to have a way to put in the xy coordinates using the Facebook photos.